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Trend Reversal Identifier

Trend Reversal Identifier

The "Trend Reversal Identifier" can reveal KEY turning points for ENTRY and/or EXITS, on any symbol/market or chart (time-based, range chart, tick chart, etc).

The dot plots on the close of the SAME bar that they appear (not 3-4 bars later like pivot point indicators).  Note that the indicator performs even better in markets that are not in a strong trend.

Audio and/or email alerts can be set in order that the trader can be alerted when a signal appears.

Trend Reversal Identifier Automated Strategy Addon

The Trend Reversal Identifier can be automated with this addon strategy:

Created to be used with the Trend Reversal Identifier, this addon offers automation of both the long and short entries based on the indicator. The trader sets the profit target and stop loss amounts with the adjustable input parameters according to the symbol and market begin traded and can fully automate the trades.

Please note that although this addon can be optimized on any market or chart it is meant to be used in conjuntion with the Trend Reversal Identifier and should not be considered a 'set it and forget it' stand alone automated strategy.  The user decides how the next trade will be handled and can set the parameters and take that next trade in full automation.  This can greatly help the trader stick to their trading plan for both entry and exit of each trade.



NEW for TradeStation:


You can now automate the Trend Reversal Identifier signals with this new addon strategy!

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